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InstantCare is a system for monitoring incontinent patients that checks every minute the diapers and compresses of the residents. The information of the level of humidity of each patient is shown in a tablet through our application. In this way the rounds of continence are no longer necessary and the patient can be changed as soon as possible reducing discomfort and helping in the prevention of infections and pressure ulcers.


Sensor tape

It consists of a strip of non-woven polypropylene fabric (like the one usually used as an inner lining of diapers and napkins) similar to a tape of adhesive that sticks to the inside of the diaper. This tape is undone with the diaper in each change.

1.- Take off the end of the sensor tape

2.- Stick the end of the tape leaving the contact ends to the edge of the diaper

3.- Stick the rest of the sensor strip while keeping the diaper stretched to avoid wrinkles

4.- Place the transmitter in the center of the tape so that when closing it, the terminals of the tape coincide with those of the transmitter.


It serves to transmit the diaper moisture information to a receiver hub. The transmitting clamp has a duration of one year and does not require any maintenance, recharging or replacement of the battery. One per patient is used.

The burst of lights indicates that the transmitter is correctly placed on the sensor tape

The two flashing side lights indicate that the transmitter or the tape is not properly placed

Hub receiver

These devices receive the information from the transmitting clamps and send it to our web server through a wireless network that they generate throughout the entire center. The hubs are the size of a small domestic internet router and are usually placed in false ceilings and hidden places, so that they do not produce visual impact in the center. The number of hubs to install depends on the distribution, size and number of plants in the center.


In the dashboard the information about the incontinence material of each client, the humidity level and the duration that it is moist, is shown. The dashboard can be accessed via our website or via our Android or iOS application. Access is possible via login and password, and if you use one of the applications, you can also use a QR code.

1.- Turn on the tablet, unlock the screen by sliding your finger and open the application

2.- To access the dashboard, frame the QR code of the security card

If you wish, we have pre-configured tablets to facilitate access to the dashboard from any point in your center.

The information is displayed in a very visual way and by means of color codes that facilitate its identification over long distances.

The order in which the patients are shown on the screen is as follows:
1.- Urine retention alarms
2.- Humid ordered by time
3.- Dry
4.- Disconnected (without the sensor set)
5.- Transmitter off or without coverage
6.- No sensor assigned

Addional functions

Additional functions In addition to the dashboard, the system has additional functions designed to facilitate the work of medical personnel and the management of the centers, such as:
• Automatic micturition record and history of diaper changes per patient.
• Alarms of absence of urination (for patients with problems of urine retention or under medication).
• Panel of general statistics of the center: number of changes, peak hours, etc.
• Personnel and access management panel.
• Device control panel.
These options are available depending on the role of the user that is logged in the panel: care giver, doctor or management.


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